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FinOps Foundation September ’22 Summit: Stories and perspectives to empower FinOps engineers

September FinOps Summit, where we focused on empowering and enabling engineers involved with FinOps.

Riley Jenkins (Domo) kicked off the call, sharing his engineering perspective as an SRE leader in Domo and as a Technical Advisory Council (TAC) chairperson in the FinOps Foundation. We segued into an engineering panel discussion with Rui Barbosa (Farfetch), Kim Wier (Target), Jacqui Wilson (Old Mutual), Sanjna Srivatsa (VMware) and Shahnawaz Khan/Vaibhav Sharma (HCL) on balancing priorities when working with a FinOps team.

We heard empowering stories from Target engineers, Abigail Mannelin and Liz Bruder, who shared their journeys to becoming engineers on a FinOps team.

We also heard from our Automation Working Group! James Regennitter of Pearson presented best practices around the most desired automations for FinOps capabilities and gave the community a sneak peek at what deliverables are next in line.

00:00 Introductions
06:10 Adopting FinOps: Understanding the Engineering Role
12:08 Sponsor talk: HCL at-a-glance
15:23 Riley Jenkins, Domo, TAC Chair Perspective on Engineering in FinOps
20:13 Engineering and FinOps Panel Discussion
51:00 Target: Powering a FinOps Movement as Emerging Engineers
01:04:56 Working Group Updates
01:09:01 Automation WG Updates and Presentation

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